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How to Create a Single Video from Your Favorite Instagram Videos


Are you an Instagram enthusiast with an ever-growing collection of your favourite videos? If so, you're probably familiar with the struggle of organizing and enjoying them as a single continuous video.

Instagram is a treasure trove of engaging videos, and it's natural to want to save and combine your favorites into a single video for easy viewing. This blog post will guide you through the entire process, from finding and downloading your favorite Instagram videos to combining them into one.

We will also address many common questions related to Instagram favorites, downloading videos, and more.

Step 1: Downloading Instagram Videos

Download Your Favorite Instagram Videos To begin, navigate to the Instagram activity page that showcases your liked videos by visiting Your Instagram Likes. Click on each liked video, which will take you to the respective video page. Next, copy the video URL and head over to Inflact Instagram Video Downloader and download the video. Repeat this process for all your favourite videos.

Step 2: The Easiest Video

Combine the Videos Initially, you might try to combine the downloaded videos with a simple script, as shown below:

for f in *.mp4; do echo "file '$f'" >> input_files.txt; done

ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i input_files.txt -c copy output.mp4

rm input_files.txt

However, this approach may result in errors, especially if the videos have different resolutions, codecs, or frame rates.

Step 3: The Final Solution Without Errors

The Perfect Solution To successfully merge your Instagram videos, use the following script. It resizes all videos to a common resolution (1280x720 in this example), re-encodes them with a constant frame rate (30 fps), and uses common codecs (H.264 for video and AAC for audio).


# Create a tmp folder if it doesn't exist
mkdir -p tmp

# Step 1: Resize all videos and save them in the tmp folder
for f in *.mp4; do
    ffmpeg -i "$f" -vf "scale=1280:720:force_original_aspect_ratio=decrease,pad=1280:720:(ow-iw)/2:(oh-ih)/2" -c:v libx264 -c:a aac -pix_fmt yuv420p -r 30 "tmp/resized_${f}"

# Step 2: Prepare input files and filter_complex string for resized videos

for f in tmp/resized_*.mp4; do
    input_files+=("-i" "$f")


# Step 3: Combine resized videos using filter_complex
ffmpeg "${input_files[@]}" -filter_complex "$filter_complex_str" -map "[outv]" -map "[outa]" -c:v libx264 -c:a aac output.mp4

# Cleanup
rm -r tmp

This script creates a temporary folder, resizes and re-encodes the videos, and then concatenates them using FFmpeg's filter_complex method. After the process, the temporary folder is removed, and your favourite Instagram videos are combined into a single file named output.mp4.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can people see what you favorite on Instagram?: Your Instagram activity, including the videos you like or save, is private. People cannot see what you have marked as a favorite.
  2. How do I download my Instagram bookmarks? To download Instagram bookmarks, visit each bookmarked video's page, copy the URL, and use a downloader tool like to download the video.
  3. Can you share Instagram bookmarks or saved collections? Instagram does not offer a native feature to share your bookmarks or saved collections. However, you can share individual video URLs or download the videos and share the files directly.
  4. How do you download Instagram reels? Downloading Instagram reels is similar to downloading regular videos. Visit the reel's page, copy the URL, and use a downloader tool like
  5. What software to download Instagram reels? There are various tools available for downloading Instagram reels, such as Inflact, 4K Video Downloader, and SaveFromNet. Choose a reputable tool to ensure safety and effectiveness.
  6. Is it legal to download Instagram reels? Downloading Instagram reels for personal use is generally acceptable. However, redistributing or monetizing downloaded content without the creator's permission may infringe on copyright laws.


Now you have a reliable method for creating a single video from your favourite Instagram videos. This approach ensures compatibility and a smooth playback experience, allowing you to enjoy a seamless collection of your cherished memories. So, go ahead and create the ultimate Instagram video compilation to share with friends, family, or even your followers!