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Why Must You Learn and Use Ubuntu Linux

I am using Linux Operating Systems from many years and I do know how difficult it was to install and use it then. I used to think Linux Operating Systems are only built for geeks. I installed and tried different flavors of Linux available and soon Ubuntu became my favorite Operating System for practical reasons.

Ubuntu has grown in popularity because over the period it has evolved keeping the common user in mind. A first notable thing that impressed me is the way Ubuntu is installed. From that dark blue screen and lots of confusing options to installing Ubuntu while playing games from the CD, everything is made easy.

Ubuntu is faster than PC and Prettier than Mac - The Times

Almost all the friends whom I gave Ubuntu CD to try, loved it and become excited about using it. I cannot tell you the joy I feel whenever someone prefers Open Source Softwares over pirated software. People don’t even believe when I tell that it is completely free and legal to use, copy and share, especially after using it.

If you have not yet tried Ubuntu or any other Linux Operating System, I would recommend you to give it a try. You don’t even need to install it to use it. Just insert the CD and boot from CD, that’s it. It is also worth sharing you that you can even install Ubuntu Operating System in your USB drive, along with your files.

To know more about Ubuntu Operating System, I am sharing a few links with you. Some of the posts below may be old, but still will give you the glimpse of the power of Ubuntu:

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Rakesh Tembhurne

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