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Weekend Coding - WhatsApp To HTML

There was a discussion going on in Nagpur Techies group which I thought was worth sharing about. But as we all know, the discussions will fade away with time, as there is no way to publish these discussions on the internet, as of now.

So a though came into my mind - to publish these WhatsApp chats to blogs i.e. in HTML. So I wrote a small NodeJS script which does convert WhatsApp messages copied from WhatsApp Web to an HTML file.

WhatsApp to HTML

Converts WhatsApp messages copied from WhatsApp Web into Twitter bootstrap based HTML text, ready to be copy pasted.

How to use it?

Clone the repository

git clone git@github.com:nagpurtechies/whatsapptohtml.git

Install Node packages

cd whatsapptohtml && npm install

Copy Paste messages
Copy your messages from WhatsApp Web to messages.txt file.

Run Script

node index.js

View Ouput

Open output.html file in your browser.

You can download the code from Here. It is just a small project, I hope it will help someone to do more creative stuff. If you use it, please let me know on my twitter handle @tembhurnerakesh