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Running WordPress Blog From CakePHP

If you are CakePHP developer, you probably know that files and folders located at app/webroot directory, are visible from urls directly. For example, if you keep example.pdf file in your webroot directory, you can access it from http://yoursite.com/example.pdf. This logic was earlier used to add wordpress blog to CakePHP. All you had to do is, copy your wordpress folder (renamed to ‘blog’, most of the time) in your webroot directory, so that blog can run from http://yoursite.com/blog.

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Taxonomic SEO Permalinks

Custom WordPress Taxonomy feature was introduced hoping that it will help users create some kind of groups just like regular WordPress category or tags. Custom taxonomies gives control over personalizing the blog to great extend. Now users can create meaningful taxonomies that suits the subject. When I tried to create projects by using the taxonomies, I just had a problem, and that was with using taxonomies in URLs. I found that WordPress does support the feature that helps in custom taxonomies in queries, but as I

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