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16 Must Have Free Desktop Software

Framework and Runtime Environments Microsoft .NET Framework Most of the software are developed using some kind of Frameworks or libraries. .NET is Microsoft’s own framework and most of the windows software are build with  .NET Framework. Java Runtime Environment Just like .NET Framework, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is build by Sun Microsystem for rapid software development. The reason developers prefer JDK over .NET is the ability of software to work cross platform with no or little change. Many popular software are build with Java, so

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15 Myths and Misconceptions about Viruses and Security Applications

Myth #1: I have installed an Antivirus Software, my PC is secure It is one of the most common misconception about antivirus softwares that their presence is all you need to secure your computer. Viruses are also none other than piece of code or software, just like your anti-virus software. They both are created by those having knowledge of both and to fight against each other. Both viruses and antiviruses keep them up to date and competitive against each other. Myth #2: My PC is safe

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