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Google Chrome Sync: How to Never Lose Bookmarks, Passwords, Plugins and Other Customizations

Recently I had to format and reinstall my laptop. I took time to copy my documents safely before formatting and then I reinstalled the OS and the essential softwares. I use most of the softwares with some customizations and settings and they require manual work. I do this because they give me real comfort and personalization. Google Chrome Sync Currently I am a fan of Google Chrome Browser and not just because it is faster and secure than other browsers, but the way it takes care

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Facebook Email Virus - How to Protect Yourself from Emails that Steals Your Passwords

Sending fake emails and trapping you in some game is the old method used by virus makers. At some instances, you can clearly identify that the email is fake or not, but it may  not be possible every time. The best way to protect yourself from such fake emails that can make you to install viruses, is to keep yourself informed. When I was writing about some Facebook viruses that annoys friends and steals your data, I shared some ways that some virus makers are using

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Managing Super Secure Passwords: Create, Store, Use, Carry Passwords Simplest way

I care for my online security. I have seen some of my friends’ mail and social networking accounts got hacked. Knowing that I thought I am smart that it won’t happen to me, and one day I found myself on earth when my email provider refused to log me in despite of all my efforts. And my friends were getting some annoying emails from that hacked account. The moral of the story is, no matter how much intelligent we think we are, we still need

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Online Safety Rules You Better Not Ignore

Online security is one of the most important issue while using the internet, specially when you are using someone else’s computers or in cyber cafes. You may have to compromise your private information knowingly or unknowingly. There are many things which are responsible for sending your sensitive information to wrong hands such using old / pirated operating systems, software cracks or games or other applications downloaded from internet, switching automatic updates off, using old buggy browsers, etc. Your brain is the best anti-virus application available. If

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