Google Docs

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Accessing GMail, Google Docs, Google Calendar Offline

There are many tools that helps you write your emails offline and send or sync them when you are online. These applications are mostly desktop applications. Google availed this ‘offline’ functionality in browser with the help of Google Gears but for the sake of HTML5 and the improving technologies, they have now introduced this feature as Google Chrome extension. I am sure that sooner or later Google will make it available to all HTML5 supporting browser. Currently this only available as Chrome extension. You can install

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Google Docs: What is it, How to Create and Why Should You Start Using

Of course, Computers changed the way we work on day to day basis. We no longer need to keep messing with lots of papers and create them having pencils and pens in our hands. The tools like MS Office, Open Office are helping every business, either small or big. Creating, editing, printing and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations, schedules was never so easy in the history. What is Google Docs? Most of us use desktop applications such as Microsoft Word or Open Office to create Documents,

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