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Always Updated Guide to Facebook Privacy Problems And Security

Current problems with the Facebook Privacy settings is that Facebook do not let you opt-in any of it’s features to you. Most users also complain that Facebook also updates their features without even asking users first. Some people think, Facebook applications are very annoying and unnecessary. No doubt, there are plenty useful Facebook applications available but many applications are a threat to security and might annoy your friends. Whatever the situations is, it might be difficult to live without Facebook. The only option we left

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Facebook Email Virus - How to Protect Yourself from Emails that Steals Your Passwords

Sending fake emails and trapping you in some game is the old method used by virus makers. At some instances, you can clearly identify that the email is fake or not, but it may  not be possible every time. The best way to protect yourself from such fake emails that can make you to install viruses, is to keep yourself informed. When I was writing about some Facebook viruses that annoys friends and steals your data, I shared some ways that some virus makers are using

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Facebook Applications That Might Annoy Your Friends

These days, Facebook is full of some weird problems which are so irritating that some of my friends are now talking about removing people from their friends list who are carelessly contributing to spam. Almost all the problems are due to adding some insecure Facebook Application to your profile. These applications behave similar to worms (cousins of viruses) which replicate themselves on specific triggers. All they need is just permission from a user. The interesting thing is these applications are so lucrative or carefully written that

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