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Getting Started with CakePHP 3 Baking

CakePHP is one of the popular PHP frameworks known for Rapid application building. After using CakePHP 1 and 2 for years, I have been using CakePHP 3 for a while. With this tutorial, I am trying to demonstrate how easy it is to get started with CakePHP. Goals of These Experiments Understand CakePHP Model Associations Create a CakePHP 3 app using CakePHP bake utility. First thing to do is to get local setup running. You can follow CakePHP 3 installation instructions given at CakePHP documentation site.

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Creating Plugins for Croogo

Bake a Plugin To bake a plugin for Croogo, go to Croogo’s app folder in terminal and type following command. Let’s create a plugin named Library. $ cd ~/public_html/croogo $ Console/cake bake plugin Library You will be asked to choose a location of the plugin. Select outermost Plugin/ folder. Above command does following things: Creates proper directory structure for new plugin Creates plugin’s AppController.php file (LibraryAppController.php) Creates plugin’s AppModel.php file (LibraryAppModel.php) Adds entry in Config/bootstrap.php

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Running WordPress Blog From CakePHP

If you are CakePHP developer, you probably know that files and folders located at app/webroot directory, are visible from urls directly. For example, if you keep example.pdf file in your webroot directory, you can access it from This logic was earlier used to add wordpress blog to CakePHP. All you had to do is, copy your wordpress folder (renamed to ‘blog’, most of the time) in your webroot directory, so that blog can run from

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