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Sketchy Days

I am no artist, but I like drawing, painting a lot. Maybe because since my school days, I was blessed with an awesome teacher, Mr. Sudarshan Barapatre.

Every Sunday we used to have a drawing competition, where we used to bring our colors and start painting. It wasn't a competition at all, but a fun thing for us to do.

Many a time, we used to go to different places, and start sketching or painting scenes. Though drawing was an optional subject, Mr. Barapatre taught us many important things applicable in many things.

I have to admit, I am not good at art. The only thing that I still do drawing and sketching because it is fun and reminds me of my childhood days. And that's why I try to visit art galleries, make new friends from art backgrounds and try to know a thing or two from them.

Sketchy Sunday

Burdi, Nagpur

At Water Painting Art Exhibition

Mayur (left) with his painting and friends

Mahesh Mankar being awarded for his contribution to art

Rakesh Tembhurne

Rakesh Tembhurne

Rakesh is a father, software engineer, author and mentor having more than 8+ years of experience in web apps development.

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