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How To Share Website Links Instantly And Keep Their Record

When you surf on the internet, many times you come across information that is valuable to you or someone you know. You like to share things and that’s why you use Facebook, Twitter or Google+, don’t you?

Sharing Is Caring, Don’t Be Slow

There are different types of information people like to share with different people like a link worth sharing (Twitter), fun to watch video (Facebook), work-related (LinkedIn), read it later/bookmark (delicious, Google Reader), related to friend (Gmail) and so on. It’s a time-consuming process if you go to a website, log in and copy or type the information every time you want something to share.

Save Your Links and Save Your Time

Using tools like Shareaholic you can save your valuable time in sharing information. Shareaholic is available as extensions and plugins for all popular browsers. It is fast, easy to customize, lightweight, available at a single click on your browser, no adware or spyware.

Shareaholic website also keeps a record of the information you share anywhere on the internet. It means that the information you shared to others is also available to you at a single place when you need it.

Rakesh Tembhurne

Rakesh Tembhurne

Rakesh is a father, software engineer, author and mentor having more than 8+ years of experience in web apps development.

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