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FreeMind - A Mind Mapping Software for Productive Brain

Many ideas come in our mind but it’s very difficult to collect them at one single place with rapid speed. I have tried different applications to take out ideas out of my mind, but even today I find FreeMind mind mapping application as useful as it was.

What is Mind Mapping?

FreeMind is a free mind mapping software application build for productivity. FreeMind helps you quickly express your ideas, notes, and information on a single document with very rapid speed.

With the help of FreeMind, you can start with an idea and keep adding related ideas to it just like tree diagrams. But it is much more than a tree diagram. It helps you to link any document, application or website.

The speed of creating mind maps is an important thing because it not only helps you think faster but also helps you think in a logical and keyword specific way. This way you can grow the idea you are thinking on.

How It Helps Improve Brain’s Performance?

Our mind loves images than pure text. It loves colors, graphics, and correlations. This is a major reason most of the memory improvement techniques uses link methods, students are advised to create colorful notes and studies say that people remember pictures more than the paragraphs.

FreeMind helps you by allowing you to use correlations, graphics, colors, different fonts, power of HTML to create stunning notes, presentations, essays, blog posts, speeches, and much more.

Are They Socially Sharable?

Yes. A big Yes. You can create stunning mind maps and export them to common document formats Open Office Document (hence MS Word), PDF, images like PNG, JPEG, SVG. You can also directly convert them to HTML, XHTML with JavaScript, XHTML as a clickable map or JAVA Applet, even as a Flash!

There are also other applications available that does similar work, but you either need to buy them or they seriously lack important features. FreeMind is a Free tool that worth using.

Other Mind Mapping Software

FreeMind is not one of it’s kind of software but there is a long list of free as well as commercial mind mapping Software you can try out. If you liked the concept, you can visit Wiki Mind Map website to get the largest collection of free mind maps that you can download to FreeMind files.

Rakesh Tembhurne

Rakesh Tembhurne

Rakesh is a father, software engineer, author and mentor having more than 8+ years of experience in web apps development.

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