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Facebook Applications That Might Annoy Your Friends

Facebook apps posting who viewed profile and events created

These days, Facebook is full of some weird problems which are so irritating that some of my friends are now talking about removing people from their friends' list who are carelessly contributing to spam. Almost all the problems are due to adding some insecure Facebook Application to your profile.

These applications behave similarly to worms (cousins of viruses) which replicate themselves on specific triggers. All they need is just permission from a user. The interesting thing is these applications are so lucrative or carefully written that most people give access to these applications without even giving it a thought.

I did some research and found some of the common patterns of these viral Facebook Applications.

Who Viewed Your Profile


This is the most common way of attracting people. The social networking sites like LinkedIn provides this functionality of knowing how many people have visited the website. The spammers have found the nerve here. I understand how curious people go over who is secretly keeping an eye over me kind of things.

These applications now have gone one step further calling themselves Official Facebook Who Viewed Your Profile Application. But this is a lie as Facebook has already made it clear that they don’t support this feature.

Facebook does not provide the ability to track who is viewing your profile, or parts of your profile, such as your photos. Applications by outside developers cannot provide this functionality, either.
— Facebook Help Centre

I Can’t Believe It

Facebook App Claiming Free Gifts

These are other applications which make false claims that your friend has got FREE gift. They provide you a link, on clicking they will ask for your permission and voila, you got a gift! At least they will tell your friends so. That’s it. All you have done is just permitted to write on your wall and access your information anytime, and now this application will steal all the information about you, your friends and post on your friends’ wall that you have to a gift.

What The Heck Are You Doing

What the Heck Are You Doing in Facebook Video

These applications will tag your friends in a photo or video and will post on your wall along with a line curious enough to let you click on it. Once you click on it, the same process will continue as in the above cases.

Facebook WOW Events

Automatically created Wow Events in Facebook

Similar to the above problems, this is another annoying side of some irritating Facebook Applications. These applications will constantly be creating events at regular interval, asking you to come to fake events.

These events keep notifying and inviting you as soon as somebody accepts access to such annoying applications.

So What To Do?

Well, there are some things that you can do to avoid these nasty Facebook applications. You will need to try your hands on the privacy settings provided by Facebook. I will write about how to increase your security on Facebook in my next post.

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Rakesh Tembhurne

Rakesh Tembhurne

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