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Rakesh Tembhurne

Rakesh is a developer, inventor and entrepreneur from central India. He is a LAMP, LEMP and MEAN stack developer founder of Zero Mile EduTech.

Nagpur, MH, India

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How to Future Proof Your IT Career

I have been training a lot of new developers who have no idea about real world programming. All they have learned is bookish concepts in their bachelors and masters degree which is worth nothing for most of the IT companies. The conditions of student is so bad, that the students passing out 4 or 6 years degree in IT, CS or CA cannot even design a decent HTML page. Though there are lots of resources available these days over Internet. One can search around any topic

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Getting Started with CakePHP 3 Baking

CakePHP is one of the popular PHP frameworks known for Rapid application building. After using CakePHP 1 and 2 for years, I have been using CakePHP 3 for a while. With this tutorial, I am trying to demonstrate how easy it is to get started with CakePHP. Goals of These Experiments Understand CakePHP Model Associations Create a CakePHP 3 app using CakePHP bake utility. First thing to do is to get local setup running. You can follow CakePHP 3 installation instructions given at CakePHP documentation site.

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Freelancer Skills in Demand

Natural language processing Swift Tableau Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) Stripe Instagram marketing MySQL programming Unbounce Social media management AngularJS Business consulting Machine learning Brand strategy 3D rendering Information security R development Node.js development User experience design Bluetooth Zendesk customer support Source: Upwork Q4 data, 2016

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Weekend Coding - WhatsApp To HTML

There was a discussion going on in Nagpur Techies group which I thought was worth sharing about. But as we all know, the discussions will fade away with time, as there is no way to publish these discussions on the internet, as of now. So a though came into my mind - to publish these WhatsApp chats to blogs i.e. in HTML. So I wrote a small NodeJS script which does convert WhatsApp messages copied from WhatsApp Web to an HTML file. WhatsApp to HTML

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Sketchy Days - Feb 2016

Sketchy Sunday #8 Burdi, Nagpur At Water Painting Art Exhibition Mayur (left) with his painting and friends Mahesh Mankar being awarded for his contribution to art

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Developer to Designer - Day 1

After years of experience in programming, I decided to concentrate more on design skills. So I have been trying to learn design skills from so many months. But there isn't single thing to follow which will make you a better designer. Finally, I decided to have a mentor and start from very basic. I decided to learn sketching and then slowly I will progress to design. And most of it will be a practical rather than just theory. My Mentor is Mayur, he has more than

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Creating Plugins for Croogo

Bake a Plugin To bake a plugin for Croogo, go to Croogo’s app folder in terminal and type following command. Let’s create a plugin named Library. $ cd ~/public_html/croogo $ Console/cake bake plugin Library You will be asked to choose a location of the plugin. Select outermost Plugin/ folder. Above command does following things: Creates proper directory structure for new plugin Creates plugin’s AppController.php file (LibraryAppController.php) Creates plugin’s AppModel.php file (LibraryAppModel.php) Adds entry in Config/bootstrap.php

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Notes on AngularJS

CakePHP Date-time to AngularJS date time CakePHP created and modified dates are in format “Y-m-d H:i:s” where AngularJS expects date to be in unix format to be able to format. Using UnderscoreJS with AngularJS I have used underscoreJS earlier and I must say that it is an awesome plugin that I mostly use wherever I need to deal with lot of JavaScript. This question on Stack Overflow shows you how you can install it with your AngularJS project. Sharing code between controllers Initially, I

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Notes On Setting LAMP Environment For Web Development On Ubuntu

Most of the time I come across situations where I need to install or configure LAMP environment for web application development. I have done this many time but there are always some things that I need to struggle with. There are plenty tutorials and articles already written on these, but I needed some kind of notes that will suite my development style, and that I can update as I learn new things. So here I am documenting common things related to web application development environment setup.

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