7 Reasons Why Should You Join and Actively Participate In JUG Nagpur

Yesterday, I attended Java 7 launch party by Java User Group Nagpur. As it was my first User Group event, when I entered, I was just a curious guy. But as the event came to an end, we all understood how important this group is for both who are learning as well as an expert in Java-related technologies.

I know how it feels when in the middle of the project, unknown problems you never thought about pops up, when the books do not have all the answers and  Google cannot search it for you. As a developer, you and I go through these situations and all you need to do at such situations is to ask your friends from User Group who are ready to help.

Hey, that’s not all. There are more reasons to join JUG Nagpur.

Real-world knowledge

What you cannot learn from books, you learn from people. The mistakes you are going to do might have already done by someone, you can learn from other’s mistakes. And it can only happen when you come and meet real people, share what you think and help each other.

You learn what “book” cannot teach

We all read books to learn to program, but after a certain level of knowledge, you no longer need books to solve complex problems. The projects you work on are based on real-world logical complexities. And naturally, we all face difficulties at one point or other. A User Group is a great place to look out for help.

Networking with industry peers, make new friends

When you meet people who are better and more experienced, you start learning something. When you meet people less experienced than you, you start using your knowledge and expertise. In JUG Nagpur you meet with all types of people. You learn and let others learn at the same place.

Finding Solutions – More Effectively

Oh yes. There is a saying, “Never reinvent the wheel”. This means you don’t need to make the same mistakes others have already done, you don’t need to solve problems that are already solved. All you have to do is just ask your other JUG Nagpur members.

Job Opportunities

When you meet people from different background and experiences, it is likely to boost the chances of letting people know about you. When you ask or answer questions, people know about your knowledge. Even if it doesn’t guarantee your job, it helps spread your curiosity to learn and expertise too.

Sharing Experiences

Java User Group Nagpur (JUGNagpur) is a place where you will find people who made it big in their career and people who are just beginning their career. It can add immense value to your career by sharing thoughts with people who spent years in the field and/or worked with giant companies.

You Get A Free T-Shirt

Only if you are lucky enough, you get gifts like we all got t-shirts at yesterday’s JUG Nagpur events. It’s written on the tee, “Moving JAVA Forward” and so I am. Are you?

If you have not yet joined JUG Nagpur, it’s time to do now! Just visit JUG Nagpur Google Group Page.

Rakesh Tembhurne

Rakesh Tembhurne

Rakesh is a father, software engineer, author and mentor having more than 8+ years of experience in web apps development.

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