Always Updated Guide to Facebook Privacy Problems And Security

Guide to Facebook Privacy Problems and SolutionsCurrent problems with the Facebook Privacy settings is that Facebook do not let you opt-in any of it’s features to you. Most users also complain that Facebook also updates their features without even asking users first.

Some people think, Facebook applications are very annoying and unnecessary. No doubt, there are plenty useful Facebook applications available but many applications are a threat to security and might annoy your friends.

Whatever the situations is, it might be difficult to live without Facebook. The only option we left with is to maximize the privacy with available options.

Read full updated Guide: Always Up-to-date Guide to Manage Facebook Privacy.

16 Must Have Free Desktop Software

Framework and Runtime Environments

Microsoft .NET Framework

Most of the software are developed using some kind of Frameworks or libraries. .NET is Microsoft’s own framework and most of the windows software are build with  .NET Framework.

Java Runtime Environment

Just like .NET Framework, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is build by Sun Microsystem for rapid software development. The reason developers prefer JDK over .NET is the ability of software to work cross platform with no or little change. Many popular software are build with Java, so installing this framework will help them run smoothly.

Must Have Free Security Software

Avast! Free Antivirus

While there are myths and misconceptions about viruses and security applications, but it doesn’t mean paid security software are better than free. Avast is such a good anti-virus application that have lots and lots of fans all over the world.

Comodo Internet Security

Internet and Intranet are the major source of major computer security problems. Having a good Firewall like Comodo Internet Security helps you getting notifications and blocking of such attacks. If you are a regular internet user, this is one of the must have free desktop software for security purpose.

Spybot Search and Destroy

There are different kinds of security problems in Windows that are categorized according to the type of harm they create. Spywares are such problem widely found on Windows and mostly are undetected by most of the anti-virus applications. Having Sypbot Search and Destroy application on your computer keeps you secure from spywares.

Must have Free Multimedia Software

VLC Media Player

Different kinds of media (.wma, mp3, mp4, etc) requires different codecs. Codecs are nothing but the ways of recognizing and playing media types. VLC Media Player is a popular application that requires no external codecs to play most of the common media files.


Winamp music player for Windows and Android is noted for its graphical sound visualization, playlist, and media library features. It supports popular playback types, viz.,  AAC, M4A, MP3, MIDI, MOD, MPEG-1, FLAC, WMA and WAV.

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

If you use multiple media types and one or two media player are not able to play your file, you may try installing K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. This is a big free collection of media codecs. It can install media player classic with the codec or you may choose Windows Media Player to play all media files.


For day to day needs of taking screenshot, changing image sizes, cutting, adding text, changing colors and more common image editing task, you don’t need to purchase big software. IrfanView is a free lightweight Image editing software that can do most of your common work.


InfraRecorder is one of the best free CD/DVD burning tool available. It is very easy to install and download this application and also it’s size is smaller compared to most of other software in this category. It has all the features that a regular computer user needs.

Must Have Free Internet Software

Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

I leave the choice on you. The reason I mentioned two browsers is that Mozilla Firefox has been the most preferred, well known for security free browser available. It is the most used browser till date. But with the entry and the constant growth of Google Chrome is worth noticing. So the choice is tough but clearly both are better than Internet Explorer.

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is one of the best download manager available. It not only improves the download speed but also helps you pause and re-download multiple things simultaneously.


Torrents are preferred for large download and uTorrent is a very popular choice for downloading the .torrent files. It is a small and feature rich application that helps you download torrents.

Must Have Free Miscellaneous Software

Foxit Reader

I became fan of Foxit Reader when I compared the features provided by this software with other popular PDF readers. Foxit reader is a lightweight PDF reader which is not short of features. It is surprising to see how it gives you ability to leave and share comments on pdf file. You can also edit PDF files with limited permissions.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a system optimizer which finds problems in system registry, search and removes temp files and does other feature. It has minimalistic user interface and is very easy to use.


TeraCopy is a file tranfer application that not only improves the file transfer speed but also gives you ability to pause and resume file transfers.

Google Chrome Sync: How to Never Lose Bookmarks, Passwords, Plugins and Other Customizations

Recently I had to format and reinstall my laptop. I took time to copy my documents safely before formatting and then I reinstalled the OS and the essential softwares. I use most of the softwares with some customizations and settings and they require manual work. I do this because they give me real comfort and personalization.

Google Chrome Sync

Currently I am a fan of Google Chrome Browser and not just because it is faster and secure than other browsers, but the way it takes care of user interfacing experience. My most recent good experience was with its Sync feature.

Account setup option in Google Chrome

When I saw the sync feature in options menu of Google Chrome, I thought to give it a try. So I signed up sync account with my Google account but did not test it until I reinstalled my Operating System. When I freshly installed Google Chrome, first thing I did was to sign in the sync account and was surprised to see that Chrome was actually installing all the plugins automatically that I was using and my browser was made almost exactly I had before formatting my laptop.

Sync Setup Options in Google Chrome

I went further to use this feature on my Ubuntu Operating System, and with no surprise I was able to make exact copy of my personalized browser instantly. This not only reduces chances of accidentally losing my important bookmarks and preferences but also lets me control over my personalizations of plugins and themes.

Sync feature is far more convenient compare to import/export feature that most browsers do have. They might be helping when sharing my browser’s bookmarks to other person.

A big advantage of Sync feature over import/export feature is that once you have set up a sync account, you can forget about it and keep doing your important works.

How to Setup a Sync Account?

  1. Click the tool icon on top right part of Google Chrome. It will show the menu.
  2. Click Options from the menu which will open a new tab of option page as shown in the first image.
  3. Under Personal Stuff tab find and click Set up sync… button. A sign in box will open up.
  4. After logging-in with your Google Account, you will see set up sync box allowing you options of what to sync. Select the options you wish to sync and hit OK.
  5. It will sync your present Bookmarks, Extensions, Themes and other selected information. It’s done.